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Welcome to my blog. I’m Raakhi – wife to my dear hubby Dheeraj and a mom to my darling (Maltese puppies) Lucky and Maggie. I’d like to call myself a budding entrepreneur, multi-tasker and a tech freak. I love things to be organized, itineraries to be planned. Here, in my blog, I will be writing some great practical tips to be more organized, how to be an IT pro, even if you have an IT person or an IT company organized in your office or help at home and more creative ideas which can be used both at work and at home. Creativity flows inside me, as I have been an interior designer during most of my professional career.


I met my then boyfriend and now hubby, Dheeraj Rupani in the year 2000, became the best of friends who could talk to each other about anything. We didn’t have much in common then and even now, but we complete each other’s lives and that’s the best part.


The year of 2014 was great when I adopted by first puppy Lucky, a pure Maltese breed. He is so well mannered, well-trained and such a great observer. I love spending so much time with him and look forward to coming back home to be with him.



Once he settled in and I had the extra house help, I then decide to extend our family just last year by getting a friend for Lucky. Enter Maggie – the prettiest and the cutest puppy. She is such a sweetheart. Cute and naughty at the same time, she loves to sleep and tease and bully Lucky. She is a year younger to Lucky but really gets along with him and makes the ideal best friend that Lucky could ever ask for. They have fun and fight and love at the same time. She is so adorable. She jumps on to my bed in the middle of the night, barks at the most odd timing in the day, runs behind Lucky for that just one toy that he is playing with out of the 20 odd ones that he has. Just watching them play in the evening once I am back from work recharges me completely and I forget all my stresses or tiredness that I would have felt during the day.



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Currently, I work with my husband in our family run business Veesham Printing Press heading the marketing division where I focus on the traditional marketing which includes meeting clients face to face, dig deeper, build on relationships before getting business as well as the digital marketing which includes social media, blogging and the works. Marketing is my passion and working in the printing industry has helped me to bring my creativity and combine it with my passion.

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