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Love – Is it Conditional or Unconditional?

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I know this is a very sensitive topic and people will have different things to say. I have this thinking that when you love someone then you love him / her full-heartedly; you don’t see anything beyond that; you don’t set aside conditions. You don’t put a logic or condition that if you do this then I will love you; if you work with me and get the business in, then I will love and respect you, if you do your work / duty, etc then I will love you.

Now, Love and Respect go hand in hand. Where there is love, there is respect. Why do people go about with this mental illness called Clinical Depression? Let me explain to you what is Clinical Depression. I don’t remember where I got this definition, if I do then I will put it in my comments section and give them credit. Clinical Depression is where you don’t feel loved, you get the feeling of worthlessness, loneliness. Some of the symptoms include sadness, emptiness, loss of interest in doing anything, change in weight, energy loss, sleep issues, anxiety, restlessness slowed thinking and thoughts of death or suicide. Some can have all or some can have a few of these symptoms.

So, why am I writing about this today? Trust me, this is the issue that many are facing today; be it rich, poor, famous, lonely. All humans are used to being with each other, where they feel respected, they feel worthy, they feel valued. They are born with relations, emotions, and feelings which they will only feel once they are connected to that person. This can be with your significant other or with people who are close to you.

The WHO estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It's also the world's leading cause of disability. Not everyone will accept that they have this problem but you will notice in recent times; movies are being made with this topic as the main subject. There are self-help books written focussing on Depression, Self Love, Happiness to name a few. This means that there are people who are facing depression but they are trying to heal themselves in different ways. Some watch a movie which talks about depression and they relate to it, they connect to it, some people talk to others who try to help them, some seek help by going to the psychologist or counselor but what about the remaining people who don't voice it out, what about the people who are seeking help and are not going through the right means and they are feeling worse.

My request to you all today is to identify in your network, family, and friends if you spot anyone like that and please give them love and affection, make them feel wanted, make them feel that are worthy of this beautiful life that God has given every one of us. Don't turn your back on people who are asking you for help, be with people facing issues related to work, family, life in general or anything that is bothering them.

Do let me know your thoughts or comment on how you helped someone with their issues. What are the best methods or practices that you adopted once you realized that someone is suffering from depression?

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