Evernote – Best Note-taking space for my life’s work

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I am a big believer of having all my information on the move and all in one place – be it scanned copi­­es of the articles that I wanted to read later, prescriptions of the doctor for my puppies so that when I go next time I know what I ordered previously, also another thing is web pages that I bookmarked that I wanted to see later. Yes, web pages bookmarked. I do like the concept of flash drives, cloud drives and hard drives, both internal (on the computer) or external (that you can carry anywhere with you) but what if you forgot your laptop or the external drives elsewhere while working from somewhere else, etc., etc.

“Everything that you can think of – pictures, articles, web clips, bills can be scanned or clipped from the web and maintained in your personal account that you sign in for Evernote.”

Everyone! I am talking about the app which people are not so aware of, at least in my group of network. It is EVERNOTE. I really find its tagline apt for its usage – “The note-taking space for your life’s work”. Yes Evernote makes my life so much simpler. I scan articles from the cut outs that I want to read, as I don’t like to collect paper clutter at home or in my office. I web clip articles from the Internet as well so that I can refer to it later. Everything that you can think of – pictures, articles, web clips, bills can be scanned or clipped from the web and maintained in your personal account that you sign in for Evernote. Evernote has the option to scan the documents or pictures in notebooks or tag them with tags.

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Evernote has three plans that you can get started with – the Basic plan, the Premium Plan and the one in the middle, which is the Plus plan. It all depends upon your usage and the features that you would most likely be using for you to choose the plan, which is right for you. You can get started with the basic plan first and then upgrade to the next one once you are comfortable. I previously had the Premium plan but then I realized after a while that I won’t be using as many features and at the point, they had introduced the Plus Package, which was apt for me. If you have a big team and get acquainted with the whole system, you can opt in for the Business package. This link has the comparison of all the four packages.

What I got started with Evernote, I was overwhelmed by all it features and I was amazed at all that it offered. I started importing all my word documents, my PDF files in it and saving them in different notebooks to demark it so that it becomes easier for me to refer to them at a later stage.

For you to get started on Evernote, I strongly recommend Brett Kelly’s Evernote book Evernote Essentials. Here too, you have 3 options Evernote Essentials Premium, Basic and Plus. Here is the link, which explains all the features for the packages.

Have you used Evernote before ? Do you want to add something below and let us know how you have been using it? I am sure it will be useful for me and the readers as well. If not, then get started with it and keep us posted on how it is working for you.


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