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Energy Drainers

Updated: May 2, 2019

These are the people, objects, things or situations which are an essential part of your life; you are in touch with them on a regular basis and don’t realize at first that they are draining you. Draining in the actual sense here means that they are just there to take away from you and take all the time but nothing in return that they can give in return. The give and take here is not the money I am talking about, it is the aura, energy, positive or negative feelings that are being talked about. It is the value that the person or the object creates in your life. This in return affects your productivity and your state of mind. Our lives are quite simple really. There is no point of dwelling in the past and thinking so much about the future. What is important is now – that’s what they say – this is the moment and this is your Present – which is a reality and which is a gift to you. So, make the best use of it and don’t let anyone come and take it away from you.

“It is the value that the person or the object creates in your life. This in return affects your productivity and your state of mind.”

Let’s talk about some of the energy drainers here:

Toxic People or Relationships

These are the people who always make you feel unworthy, unloved, drained and exhausted. If you spend some time or a lot of time with a person, you will get some of their energy, this is what aura is out. It’s better to spend with someone who will make you feel balanced, positive and much more. Once you recognize the toxic people or relationship in your life, the only way is to limit the amount of your time and energy spent on communicating with them and give it to someone else or do something else which is more productive. This will make you a much more productive and positive person.


These are the circumstances that you are in which make you feel drained out. I remember, having read some where to be out of your comfort zone, but if being out of your comfort zone for a good cause which is good for you and will eventually make you feel great then that is a good way to go. But if that situation or circumstance will make you feel like a total waste and you’d rather spend your time and energy somewhere else, either relaxing or doing something you love, then it’s better to do the latter. It’s a simple question of asking yourself whether it will eventually make you feel great after it is done or you are just doing it to make some one happy. Learn to say to people or things or events in your life that do not add value to you. When life gives you crazy situations or a lot of negativity, take something positive from that and move on.

These are a few of the energy drainers that I have come across in my life and avoiding them has made me a better person and I am learning to make the best use of my time and be more productive and focused and also doing things that matter the most and that I love to do in my life. Remember, you are the creator of your life. So, be kind to yourself and do something everyday that sparks joy and makes you feel a better person everyday. Be someone that others will love to be around.

What do you feel about this topic ? Do post and comment. I would love to hear from you.

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