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The power of assumption makes a person so small. In today’s day and age, when communication is considered so important; people are all connected to each other online, i.e. social media and other online methods but they have lost the human touch with each other. In recent times, I have realized and seen the same, people assume something about someone or they assume something of a certain situation and when it turns to be in their favor then they are happy. But when it doesn’t turn out in their favor, then they blame each other, they have misunderstandings, so why do we go about doing the same mistake over and over again.

Open that door, create that communication channel between each other and talk. This is something which is so important and people don’t realize the value until they have reached rock bottom. So why do you want to reach the rock bottom when you can make things better before that? Why do you want to assume certain things or create different aspirations when it’s not going to give you that result.

Have a deep think and then analyze how each one of you can make such a difference in one another’s life.

Do share your thoughts and what you would like to hear or discuss in the comments section below.

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