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You know this for sure ..

No matter what you believe in, this is something which will hold true for anyone and everyone.

Plan your future, but don't get stuck there. Enjoy every moment that you have in your life, starting from NOW.

Keep planning and focus on things you like to do, people you like to spend your time, gather all the energy and put it somewhere you get value. Value is something that cannot be measured and it is different for different people. Do what matters the most to you. Spend most time in nature because that is something that will not change and it will keep giving to you rather than taking back.

"Do not count on what you lost. Instead cherish what you have and plan what to gain because the past never returns but the future may fulfil the loss."

Surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of let you down. Plan your life and add meaning to it rather than the routine just taking over it.

“Your birth was predicted and so is your death. What has to be planned is between that."

Spend time with family and friends. Travel to different places and enjoy different experiences. Learn to live on the edge as that is what makes life more fun.

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