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Glass of Water - Half Empty or Half Full ... ?

A glass of water.

Is this half empty or half full ? Different people will look at it differently. It's a matter of perception. A glass which is half full, still has the quality or ability to quench someone's thirst. It can still be present, should anyone want to have water later. But if you look at it from the other side, a glass half empty, might not be of full use, it may need to get refilled.

In this post, I have simply used a glass of water as a metaphor. This simply boils down to how you want to see things. Thinking deeper, if think about you or your life as a half or full glass of water, then there is so much you can offer to others, in terms of advice, support, help, inspirations, just to name a few. And to add, only if your glass is full, then can you offer that glass to others to quench their thirst. If you are complete and you are something to offer, then that is taken in the right perspective. In order for you to spread love and positivity, it needs to come from you first. You should be full of love, compassion and positivity in order to spread the same to others.

“Always look at things in a positive way. They say a coin has two sides. Same way, any story or situation has two sides. Looking at it from the positive perspective gives you the opportunity to explore your options. A person or a situation can never be negative, it's the way you look at it which gives you the positive or negative impact.”

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