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Your First Commitment

Did you know what your commitment is when you start your day?

Yes, this is very true. You make your first promise to get up to yourself the previous night when you set your alarm. Then, the day ends and the next morning the alarm rings and all you do is SNOOZE. Sounds familiar ? :)

"Every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up."

If you make your alarm with an intention that you will wake up the time it rings or if your body gets used to getting up everyday at the same time, which you will notice at a later stage, that you will wake up even before your alarm starts ringing.

So, make an alarm on your phone or your traditional alarm clock but with the same intention that you have when make your to-do lists, plan for the whole day, etc, that when it rings the following morning, this is my promise to myself and I will get up keeping in mind my plan for the day. Believe me. This will make you feel more happier, less groggier and more enthusiastic and energetic for the whole day.

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