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Living in the NOW

Friends, this is something that I will recommend to everyone who can take out the time and realises that living in the now is so very important. We all run around the whole time outside and within that we forget how to live. This is something that teaches you the technique, how to do it and also, post the course, to practice it.

“Live in the moment because the past is something which can be reminisced, the future is something that we always look forward and plan our lives for, but it is the moment now which is your present. It truly is your PRESENT.”

As I prepare myself to go for the meditation course this afternoon, let me tell you that I have done this Vipassana technique few times before. I also had the privilege of serving a course back home in Dubai.

A Little Bit about Vipassana

While I don't want to give more details about the course, because every body's experience is different, I just want to pay emphasis on the fact that this is a practice which has been in existence for the past 2500 years. Vipassana Meditation has many centres around the world and they all follow the same structure and agenda. This is a course which teaches you to focus from within, without practising any words, names, religion, etc. This is completely non-sectarial and only allows you to observe things as it is. The basic course which is mandatory is for 10 days and then there are longer courses as well which once you have done a few short courses, you get eligible to doing it.

I will post more about it once I am back from my 10 day retreat. To know more about Vipassana, please click on this link

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